2020 Rules & Regulations

  1. Registration: Registration will be on Thursday, May 14th, 2020 at the Harbour Pavilion. All boats must be registered by 7:00pm with the Tournament Rules Committee and entry fees must be paid to qualify for prizes and trophies.
  2. Captain’s Meeting: At least one representative must be present at the Captain’s Meeting to be responsible for knowing the rules and clarifications made during the meeting at 7:00pm. The meeting will be on Facebook Live. Please “Like” the BHI Fishing Rodeo & Beach Music Extravaganza to follow.
  3. Official Time: The official tournament time will be GPS time.
  4. Announcements: VHF Channel 6 for all communication. Please give a 30 minute and an arrival call-in for broadcasting.
  5. Rod & Reel Rules: This is a rod and reel tournament. The following practices are illegal: use of handline or rope attached to the line or leader, shooting, harpooning, or lancing, and the transfer of any angler from one boat to another.
  6. Fishing Time: Fishing will be held from 8:00AM till 3:00PM on Friday, May 15th and 8:00AM till 2:00PM on Saturday, May 16th. Boats must return to port each fishing day. No overnight anchoring will be allowed. Boats that are hauled or trailered after lines in on the first day of fishing and before lines out of the final day of fishing shall be disqualified.
  7. Weigh-In Time: Official weigh station hours will be 4:30PM – 6:30PM on Friday, May 16th and 3:30PM to 5:30PM on Saturday, May 17th. All boats must be inside the green and red markers of Bald Head Island Marina by 6:00PM on Friday and 5:00pm on Saturday. Boats that are not will not have their fish weighed to count towards their overall score. If all boats are accounted for and have been given ample time and fair warning to weigh fish, scales may be closed prior to posted schedule time.
  8. Weighmasters: Will weigh and record all eligible fish. All gamefish (wahoo, dolphin, tuna) will be weighed by their tails. No hole or lacerations shall be closed by artificial means after fish is removed from the water. All fish that have been mutilated will be disqualified. Mutilated is defined by shark bites or anything that would impair the fishes ability to fight, except gaffing. Weighmasters have the right to refuse any fish.
  9. Boundaries: Boats must fish within the fishing boundaries between the New River Inlet to the Georgetown Hole. The boundaries will be communicated during the Captain’s Meeting Thursday, May 14th at 7:00PM at the Harbour Pavilions.
  10. Gamefish: Fish hooked prior to or after fishing hours are not eligible. All dolphin, tuna (yellowfin and blackfin only), and wahoo that are eligible for prizes must be weighed the same day they are caught. They must be in edible condition. Awards for the largest gamefish will be determined by weight. If two or more entries are of the same weight, the fish with the greatest total measurements, length and girth, shall be deemed the winner. If total measurements are the same, the winner will be determined by the first fish that was weighed. This is a total gamefish weight congregate tournament, the boat with the highest-scoring accumulated points will be deemed the winner. Gamefish is defined as dolphin, tuna, and wahoo.
  11. Release of Billfish: Fish hooked prior to or after fishing hours are not eligible. All billfish must be released, and points awarded for billfish will count only towards the billfish category. Released billfish must be attested by a photo verification with a date and time stamp, plus a hand signal that will be sent out the night prior to the given contact number on the 2020 Registration Form. If the hand signal, date, or time is absent, the billfish will be disqualified. In the event of a tie, the first boat to complete the winning total shall be considered the winner of the billfish category. Billfish Points (applicable only to billfish tournament): Blue Marlin 100 Points, White Marlin 50 Points, Sailfish 50 Points. All prizes will be awarded to the check recipients as listed on the 2020 Registration Form submitted by the participating boat.
  12. Tournament Within a Tournament (TWT): All of the TWT’s require a minimum of three boats participation.
  13. Prize Payout Schedule: Prize money checks will be made payable to the person or entity so indicated on the 2020 Registration Form of the winning boat. Social Security Number or Taxpayer I.D. Number must be provided on the 2020 Registration Form. All checks will be distributed no later than 7 days after the tournament. If no qualifying fish are caught, all prize money will go to the Old Baldy Foundation.
  14. Photo Verification: For every eligible fish caught, a photo with date, time and hand signal must be taken in order for the fish to count towards the boat’s score. The hand signal will be sent out to the contact number listed on the 2020 Registration Form the night prior to fishing. If the hand signal, date, or time is absent the fish will not count toward the boats score. The picture must be submitted to the Tournament Rules Committee.
  15. Weather Issues: If any weather issues arise during the tournament, it will be Captain’s choice, one day fishing, one lay day. If weather permits no fishing, checks will be given back or torn up.
  16. Protest: Protests must be made in writing to the Tournament Rules Committee accompainted by $500 cash. The $500 cash deposit will be returned if it is upheld by the Tournament Rules Committee. If not, the $500 cash deposit will become property of the BHI Fishing Rodeo & Beach Music Extravaganza. All decisions made by the Tournament Rules Committee are final.
  17. Violation of Rules: Any boat violating the tournament rules is subject to automatic disqualification. All decisions made by the Tournament Rules Committee are final. All registration money including the billfish category and any tournament within a tournament (TWT), will be property of the BHI Fishing Rodeo & Beach Music Extravaganza.
  18. Licensure: North Carolina Recreational Fishing License: As of 1/1/2015. The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries will require a recreational fishing license for anyone participating in fishing aboard a vessel. This includes a license for the captain, mate, and the anglers. These individual licenses can be purchased on a 10-day, annual or lifetime basis. Visit www.ncfisheries.net/recreational/NCCRFL.htm for more information.
  19. FEDERAL AND STATE REGULATIONS: Marlin & Gamefish 12/16/2008
  20. Blue Marlin: 99” LJFL (lower fork length) and 1 vessel per trip*
  21. Billfish Release Methods: Under these regulations, anglers are allowed to remove the hook from a billfish using hook-removal device. However, fish below the minimum size cannot be removed from the water, consistent with previous regulations.
  22. Yellow Tuna: 27” curved length, 3 per person per day. Permit required. www.hmfpermits.com
  23. Wahoo: 2 per person per day. Size limits apply throughout Atlantic Ocean and adjacent waters to U.S. Citizens and U.S. flagged vessels.
  24. Dolphin: 10 per person per day. Size limits apply throughout Atlantic Ocean and adjacent waters to U.S. Citizens and U.S. flagged vessels.
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